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January 19:
General membership meeting
Guest speaker: Ron Raslowsky
National Safety Compliance

March 12-13:
Wreckmaster Level 2/3, Hackensack
Please contact Wreckmaster to register

March 15:
Annual membership meeting: Executive Board elections

April 23:
Light Duty seminar
Instructed by Shane Coleman
Somerset County Training Academy
Sponsored by Jerr-Dan Corp.

May 10:
HOS Seminar
Instructed by Anthony Morreale, Tri-State Safety Solutions
May 13-15:
Wreckmaster Level 6/7, Hillsborough
Please contact Wreckmaster to register
May 21:
Forklift seminar
Instructed by Ron Raslowsky, National Safety Compliance
June 5:
ATHS Antique Truck Show
September 17-18:
Wreckmaster Level 4/5, Hackensack
Please contact Wreckmaster to register
November 19:
Cocktail Party
Pratt Street Ale House, Baltmore MD
Sponsored by: Chester Point Insurance Programs
intek Truck/Equipment Leasing Tow Times

Dates subject to change.

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